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Story Time

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Submitted by: Jeanette Jett, Stratford
• Pre-school
Annie and the Mud Monster by:Gackenbach, Dick
Annie is invited to attend a costume party dressed as a vegetable. She decides to go as a potato, but she feels there is something missing from her potato....when she discovers what it is, the fun begins.
Mud Puddle by:Munsch, Robert
Jule Ann gets dressed to go out and play, but every time she goes outside a mud puddle, hiding in her yard, jumps out and lands on her head! She does manage to defeat it with a surprise remedy!
Best Mud Pie by:Quinn, Lin
Roberto, the great chef, shares his best recipe for 'Mud Pie' in this delightful 'recipe book' for kids.
Dirt Fingerplay
Dry dirt, wet dirt
Oh, what fun.
sitting in the backyard,
Playing in the sun.
Dry dirt is dusty.
Wet dirt is mud.
Drop the wet dirt on the ground
and hear it go 'THUD'!
by Dick Wilmes
Making Mud Pies
Making mudpies (pat hands together,forming a pattie)
Squishing mud! Through your fingers,
Oops! Dripping on the ground!
Put your 'pies' on a rock!
Baking in the sun, it is hot hot hot!
Tomorrow they'll be done, look like Cookies good to eat! But I wouldn't taste them, they're a trick instead of a treat!
Best Things in Life are Dirty
Adapted the lyrics from the song in the movie "Paint Your Wagon"
The best things in life are dirty
The worst thing in life is waking up clean without a bean
The best things in life are filthy dirty Hunks of Dirt Dirt Dirt Dirt
Stinky slimy clumps of DIRT!
'DIRT CRAFT' 1 lg box of instant chocolate pudding 3 c milk Divide pudding mix evenly into 6 zip lock baggies Approximately 2 T of pudding mix to each bag Place baggies into another baggie,(just in case) and after storytime have each child add 1/2 c milk to their baggie, let the air out of the baggie and seal. Let the children 'mush' it around and mix it. (The second baggie SHOULD protect you from over enthusiastic 'mushing'.) Let the children eat with a spoon or send them home to have it as a treat after lunch.