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Story Time

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Cats - Fabulous and Funny
Submitted by: Christine Turner, Atascocita
• Pre-school • Schoolage
A Cat and a Dog by:Masurel, Claire
A cat and a dog are enemies until a crisis brings them together as friends.
Cat and Mouse in the rain by:Bogacki, Tomasz
Despite the warnings of their sisters and brothers, a little mouse and a little cat enjoy playing in the rain with a frog.
Drat that fat cat! by:Thomson, Pat
A fat cat in search of food eats up everything he meets until he swallows a bee.
* This is one of my favorite books. The children love it!
Cinderdog and the wicked stepcat by:Holub, Joan
When Cowboy Carl marries Cactus Kate, Carl's dog Cinderdog must deal with his new sibling, Kate's ornery cat Wicked.
Frida the Wondercat by:Everitt, Betsy
Louise and her cat, Frida, find on their doorstep a magical collar which changes their lives.
Francis the Scaredy Cat by:Boxall, Ed
Although Francis the cat is afraid of the whispery hissing monster he hears in the tree outside, he faces his fear when he thinks the monster may have captured his good friend Ben.
Magic Thinks Big by:Cooper, Elisha
A cat sits in the doorway and tries to decide whether to go inside where he might get fed again, go outside where he might have an adventure, or stay where he is.
My Big Dog by:Stevens, Janet
Merl the cat has a perfect home until the arrival of a puppy.

* This is one of my favorites!
The Wish Come True Cat by:Scamell, Ragnhild
When Holly sees a falling star, she wishes for a small cuddly kitten but finds a big scruffy cat instead.
Aunt Lucy Went to Buy a Hat by:Low, Alice
Rhyming tale of a woman who sets out to replace her lost hat, but ends up with a cat and a succession of other items instead.

Cat Count by:Lewin, Betsy
A child adds up the cats owned by ten different people and discovers that it is a lot of cats.
Thumbprint Animals

Need: Construction paper, Paint: brown, orange, grey, etc...
Directions: Have children put thumbprints on a piece of construction paper and make the prints into cats. Use a marker to add legs, whiskers, ears, etc.