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Story Time

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Happy Birthday
Submitted by: Christine Turner, Atascocita
• Pre-school
Birthdays! : celebrating life around the world by:Feldman, Eve
Simple text and paintings by children show how birthdays are celebrated in different cultures around the world.
Happy Birthday to Me! by:Selkowe, Valrie M.,
Through a garden, inside a great pink house, a young rabbit discovers a wonderful birthday celebration.
Birthday Happy, Contrary Mary by:Jeram, Anita
When the little mouse, Contrary Mary, appears to be unhappy at her most unusual birthday party, her father knows just what to do to get her to laugh.
Happy Birthday Amelia by:Moon, Nicola
Has anyone forgotten your Birthday? Amelia thinks that everyone has forgotten hers. However, she has quite an exciting day as a treasure hunt reveals a surprise.
The Secret Birthday Message by:Carle, Eric,
A message in code starts Tim off on an exciting treasure hunt until he finds his special birthday surprise. Features die-cut pages.
Happy birthday, Moon by:Asch, Frank
When a bear discovers that the moon shares his birthday, he buys the moon a beautiful hat as a present.
Happy Birthday, Jesse Bear! by:Carlstrom, Nancy White
Rhyming text and illustrations describe all the activities associated with Jesse Bear's birthday party.
Don't wake up Mama! : another five little monkeys story by:Christelow, Eileen
Five little monkeys try to bake a cake for their mother%'s birthday without waking her up.
Flower Garden by:Bunting, Eve
Helped by her father, a young girl prepares a flower garden as a birthday surprise for her mother.

* This is one of my favorites!
Angelina's Birthday Surprise by:Craig, Helen
Angelina the dancing mouse discovers what a special day a birthday can be.
Mouse's Birthday by:Yolen, Jane
One after another, several animals try to squeeze into Mouse's very small house to help him celebrate his birthday.
Hilda Hen's Happy Birthday by:Wormell, Mary
Hilda Hen finds birthday presents even in places her farm friends didn't intend.
Sift the flour and break the egg
Add some salt and a bit of nutmeg
A spoon of butter, a cup of milk
Stir and beat as fine as silk.
Want to know what I am going to bake?
Sh-sh- it's a secret...
A birthday cake!
This is the way we blow our balloons:
blow, blow, blow.
(Use hands as balloon)
This is the way we pop it! (clap)
10 Little Candles
* Note: Use fingers as candles and blow them out accordingly.

10 little candles on a chocolate cake.

Wh! Wh! Now, there are 8.

Eight little candles on candlesticks.

Wh! Wh! Now, there are 6.

Six little candles and not one more.

Wh! Wh! Now, there are 4.

Four little candles - red, white and blue.

Wh! Wh! Now, there are 2.

Two little candles standing in the sun.

Wh! Wh! Now, there are none.
Friendship Bracelets

Need: Tag board or white construction paper, glue, glitter, markers

Directions: Precut a strip of tag board or white construction paper. If students can cut their own that's even better. Once the strip is cut students add dots of glue, and then add glitter. Or color with markers. Let dry and wrap around a students wrist and staple. Friendship Mural

Need: Large paper, small paper plate, crayons, markers, etc?
Directions: Take a long piece of bulletin board paper (white works best) and using a small paper plate trace enough circles so that each child and teacher can participate. Give each child a turn to select a circle and draw a picture of themselves.