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Story Time

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Flowers and Vegetables
Submitted by: Bonnie Langan, Baldwin Boettcher
• Toddler • Pre-school
Vegetable Garden by:Florian, Douglas
Growing Vegetable Soup by:Ehlert, Lois
Discusses seeds and plants with the sequence of growing, harvesting and eating. Recipe for vegetable soup in back of book.
One Little Seed by:Greenstein, Elaine
Simple book about the growth of sunflowers.
Sunflower by:Ford, Miela
A young girl plants a sunflower seed, waters it, and watches it grow.
Flower Garden by:Bunting, Eve
Helped by her father, a young girl prepares a flower garden as a birthday surprise for her mother.
Counting Wildflowers by:McMillan, Bruce
Count to twenty with pictures and names of wild flowers.
The Carrot Seed by:Krauss, Ruth
Demonstrates patience when a young boy plants a carrot seed and waits for the carrot to grow.
Carrot In My Pocket by:Flynn, Kitson
A young boy recounts his day in the barnyard, in verse, naming the animals and farm implements, while searching for clues to this lost carrot. Use this story to show different type of book written about plants.
Here's A Green Leaf
Here's a green leaf (show palm)
And here's a green leaf (Show other palm)
That, you see, makes two.
Here is a bud, (make a fist)
That is a flower.
Watch it bloom for you. (open fingers slowly)
From: Toddle on Over by Robin Works Davis pg 47
Planting Time
(To the tune of Row, Row, Row, your boat)
Dig, Dig, Dig the earth,
Then you plant your seed.
A gentle rain,
The bright sunshine,
And flowers you will see!
From: Toddle on Over by Robin Works Davis pg 47
Dig a Little Hole
(Do actions as suggested by words)
Dig a little hole
Plant a little seed
Pour a little water
Pull a little weed
Chase a little bug
There he goes!
Here comes the sun -
Let it grow, grow, grow.
From: Toddle on Over by Robin Works Davis pg 48
Sunflower coloring sheet. Let them color like the flowers in the book or any color they choose. For the Preschool you may even get out construction paper, glue and scissors and let them cut and paste pieces onto their flowers.
For April, we used flowers from die cuts, you could use pictures or other sources to make a flower wreath for April.