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Story Time

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Submitted by: Paula, Katherine Tyra
• Pre-school
Clifford's First Autumn by:Norman Bridwell
Experience the sights and sounds of Clifford?s first autumn when he is still a very small puppy.
Every Autumn Comes the Bear by:Jim Arnosky
Every autumn a bear shows up behind the farm, and goes through a series of routines before finding a den among the hilltop boulders where he sleeps all winter long.
Fall Is Not Easy by:Marty Kelley
A tree tells why, out of all four seasons, autumn is the hardest. It has a very hard time with color changes.
Henry and Mudge Under the Yellow Moon by:Cynthia Rylant
In the autumn Henry and his big dog Mudge watch the leaves turn, meet with some Halloween spooks, and share Thanksgiving dinner.
It's Fall! by:Linda Glaser
A child experiences the colors and textures of fall through cut-paper illustrations. The end of the book includes nature activities to do during that season.
Max's Ride (board book) by:Rosemary Wells
In this board book Max takes a thrilling carriage ride, he goes down a hill, over a bump, up in the air, and back into his carriage that stops in a huge pile of leaves!
Nuts to You! by:Lois Ehlert
A rascally squirrel has an indoor adventure in a city apartment. Cut-paper illustrations bring the squirrel to life.
Possum's Harvest Moon by:Anne Hunter
Possum awakes one autumn evening and decides to invite his animal friends to a party to celebrate the beautiful harvest moon one last time before the long winter.
Ska-Tat! by:Kimberley Knutson
Children describe playing in the colorful, scratchy leaves as they fall down from the trees. The sounds of fall punctuate the story.
Word Bird's Fall Words by:Jane Moncure
Word Bird puts words about fall in his word house--leaves, playground, football, Pilgrims, and others.
The Leaves Are Falling Down
The leaves are falling down, falling down,
The leaves are falling down all around,
The leaves are falling down; they?re falling on the ground
The leaves are falling down, falling down.

Continue making rhymes with other body parts and placing the leaf on them.
2. There?s a leaf on my foot, on my foot??.I?m glad it?s not soot?.
3. There?s a leaf on my knee, on my knee?..I?m glad it?s not a bee
4. There?s a leaf on my hip, on my hip?..I?m glad it?s not on my lip
5. There?s a leaf on my chest, on my chest?..I like fall the best
6. There?s a leaf on my shoulder, on my shoulder?..I?m glad it?s not a boulder
7. There?s a leaf on my nose, on my nose?..The cold wind does blow
8. There?s a leaf on my head, on my head?.That is what I said?
a. The wind blows (say this)
9. The leaf in on the floor on the floor ...again.

Touch leaf to body part while singing song.
Gray Squirrel, Gray Squirrel
Gray squirrel, gray squirrel swish your bushy tail
Gray squirrel, gray squirrel swish your bushy tail
Wrinkle up your little nose
Hold a nut between your toes
Gray squirrel, gray squirrel swish your bushy tail
Gray squirrel, gray squirrel swish your bushy tail