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Story Time

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Submitted by: Christine Turner, Atascocita
• Pre-school • Schoolage
No dragons for tea : fire safety for kids (and dragons) by:Pendziwol, Jean
This book takes a serious topic such as fire safety and makes it fun. At the back of the book, the Author offers a checklist for a suggested action plan and discussion.
The paper bag princess by:Munsch, Robert N.,
This is a wonderful tale that has a strong female role.
Alexander and the dragon by:Holabird, Katharine
A very small boy is afraid of the dark, especially when the shadow under his bed becomes a fierce dragon. He soon learns, however, that even dragons have their gentle side.
The knight and the dragon by:De Paola, Tomie
A knight who has never fought a dragon and an equally inexperienced dragon prepare to meet each other in battle.
The Dragon's Fire-safety Rhyme
Book: No Dragon's for Tea: fire safety for kids (and dragons)

By Pendziwol, Jean

(Back of book).

Topic: Dragon Kites
Craft Project Directions:
To create a soaring dragon kite, first cut out a kite in the shape of a dragon's head from a heavier weight paper using the pattern provided. Next cut out some dragon scales, mouth, and teeth. Take some paper cups and attach them to the top of the kite to make large eyes. Add the dragon scales, teeth and mouth to the kite next and decorate! Add crepe paper streamers to the end of the kite to make it colorful and playful.
Parent Craft for Kids
Box Castle


This is a craft that requires an adult to do ALL of the cutting. Children would enjoy adding creative details later.
These are truly some of my favorite dragon books. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do.