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Story Time

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Submitted by: Donna Crawford, Crosby
• Pre-school
Baby Danced the Polka by:Beaumont, Karen
It's naptime but Baby wants to polka, boogie woogie, cha-cha and shooby-dooby so Mama and Papa join in for a bedtime dance.
Hop Jump by:Walsh, Ellen
Bored with just hopping and jumping, a frog discovers dancing.
Piggies by:Wood, Don and Audrey
Ten little piggies dance on a young child's fingers and toes before finally going to sleep.
Dinosaur Stomp by:Stickland, Paul
A crazy collection of colorful characters all on their way to a dinosaur dance!
Hokey Pokey
Words and music on several CDs, cassettes. Recommended: PLAY TIME: Fun Songs for Toddlers by Kidzup.
Dancing Clothes Pins!
(Simple magnetized and decorated clothes pins that dance across your refrigerator!)
Attach magnetic strip to back of clothes pin.
Glue a strip of colorful foam sheeting to cover clothes pin. Glue another piece of foam in the shape of an animal to foam or allow child to decorate as he/she chooses. Use clothes pins to post new pictures, notes or dates to remember on the refrigerator. Cute when several dance across the fridge!