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Story Time

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Submitted by: Martha, South Houston
• Pre-school • Bi-lingual
El c?rculo m?jico by:Joosse, Barbara
Story about a relationship between a grandmother and her grandaughter. Also about the circle of life.(Spanish)
Las abuelas de Liliana by:Torres, Leyla
Story describes both grandparents of Liliana and their simmilarities and differences.(Spanish version)
Liliana's Grandmothers by:Torres, Leyla
Story describes both grandparents of Liliana and their simmilarities and differences.(English version)
Con los Abuelos by:Genechten, Guido Van
Descibes a child spending a day with his grandparents.(Spanish)
Abuela by:Dorros, Arthur
Describes adventures between a grandmother and her grandaughter.(Spanish)
Di Porqu? by Cri-Cri

Di por qu?
dime, abuelita,
di por qu?
eres viejita.
Di por qu?
sobre las camas
ya no te gusta brincar.

Di por qu?
usas los lentes,
y por qu?
no tienes dientes.
Di por qu?
son tus cabellos
como la espuma del mar.

siempre est?
junto al calor,
igual que t?.

Di por qu?
frente al ropero,
donde hay%0
tantos retratos,
di por qu?
lloras a ratos,
dime, abuelita, por qu?.

Lyric resource for Cri-Cri songs:
Have a craft event where grandparents and grandchildren finger paint handprints on paper. Use different colors for grandparents(ie. blue), and then put child's handprints(ie. red) within or on top of grandparents to show difference.
Note: make sure to have lots of baby wipes on hand for easy clean-up. Also, use non-toxic paints.
Make a collage of copied pictures of grandparents with their grandchildren and mosaic pieces of construction paper. Ask patrons and grandparents to bring copies of baby pictures of both grandparents and grandchildren to include in collage mosaic.
It is important for children to have fun with grandparents and preserve their histories together.