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Story Time

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Submitted by: Bonnie Langan, Baldwin Boettcher
• Toddler • Pre-school • Schoolage
Fall Leaves Fall by:Hall Zoe
Used to illustrate the different shapes and colors of leaves
Fall is Here by:Moncure Jane
Great for asking questions about fall.
It's Fall by:Glaser, Linda
Talks all about fall and not only the leaves but how it affects the wildlife also; great illustrations.
When Autumn Falls by:Nidey Kelli
Simple book about fall activities.
Leaf Jumpers by:Gerber Carole
Shapes colors and kinds of leaves that fall.
Leaf Dance by:Pearlman Bobby
Shows fall activities with Raggedy Ann and Andy.
Lily and Trooper's Fall by:Spetter Jung-Hee
Talks about activities to do in the fall.
Apple Picking Time by:Slawson Michele
A longer book to illustrate apple picking time; used if the group is a little older.
Color pages; one with just leaves and one with autumn items including leaves. A fall wreath may be made from these color pages. The children can cut, paste and make a wreath. The older children can trace the leaves on construction paper and have leaves. Some children make an orange pumpkin and decorate it with the colored items.
This storytime can be used for school age also the wreath or craft activity is just adapted for the older children.
The craft can be cut out ahead for the smaller children or can be used to illustrate shapes and colors of leaves.