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Story Time

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School Days/Los Dias de la Escuela
Submitted by: Nancy, Aldine
• Bi-lingual
Spot Goes to School/Spot Va a la Escuela (Lift the Flap Book) by:Eric Hill
Spot the dog's first day of school is filled with surprises.
Boomer Goes to School/Boomer Va a la Escuela by:Constance W. McGeorge
Boomer the retriever goes to school for show and tell.
Clifford's First School Day/Clifford Va a la Escuela by:Norman Bridwell
Clifford goes to school with Emily Elizabeth and can not seem to stay out of trouble.
If You Take a Mouse to School/Si Llevas un Raton a la Escuela by:Laura Joffe Numeroff
A boy and his mouse have a busy day at school.
Maisy Goes to School/Maisy Se Va la Guarderia (Lift the Flap Book) by:Lucy Cousins
Experience Maisy's day at school.
Good Morning/Buenos Dias (Tune: Frere Jacques)
Good Morning, Good Morning
How are you? How are you?
Very well thank you. Very well thank you.
And you? And you?

Buenos Dias, Buenos Dias
?Como estas? ?Como estas?
Muy bien gracias, muy bien gracias
?Y usted? ?Y usted?

One, Two, Three Good Friends/Uno, Dos, Tres Amigos
One, two, three good friends
Four, five, six good friends
Seven, eight, nine good friends
Ten good friends are we!

Uno, dos, tres amigos
Cuatro, cinco, seis, amigos
Siete, ocho, nueve, amigos
Diez amigos son!

The More We Get Together/Lo Mas Que Nos Reunimos
The more we get together, together, together
The more we get together the happier we'll be
For your friends are my friends
And my friends are your friends
The more we get together the happier we'll be.

Lo mas que nos reunimos, reunimos, reunimos
Lo mas que nos reunimos seremos felices
Tus amigos son mis amigos
Y mis amigos son tus amigo
Lo mas que nos reunimos seremos felices
Craft: Egg Carton School Bus - instructions and materials list can be found at http://www.dltk-kids.com/school/egg_carton_school_bus.htm
My Spanish-speaking coworker and I take turns reading page for page (Spanish then English) each story. Be aware hearing each story twice (Spanish/English) can be challenging for younger children.