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Story Time

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Submitted by: Sunni Valvaneda, Freeman
• Pre-school • Schoolage
Sheep in a Shop by:Nancy Shaw
Those lovable sheep go to a shop, on the hunt for the perfect birthday gift.
Sheep take a Hike by:Nancy Shaw
Oh no!! Sheep get lost on a hike? Will they find their way back? Read the story to find out!
Sheep out to Eat by:Nancy Shaw
In keeping with our Nancy Shaw Sheep theme, the sheep have decided to dine out. But it's not what they order to eat, but what they find to eat outside that they enjoy most.
The Hokey Pokey
I tried doing a different song one time, and that didn't go over well. I look goofy up there, but the kids seem happy, and that's what matters.
For this one, I do a fuzzy sheep craft. All you do is find a pattern online of a sheep and cover him with cottonballs. I like to use really big fluffy cottonballs b/c they make the little guy look really woolly. I color his nose and feet black, as they would be in real life. This one is cute but super simple, so it's great for all ages.
Please note that all my books are Nancy Shaw. I'm very sentimental about her books, which is why I only used her sheep. But feel free to use any sheep books that you love. This is just a guideline to help boost your creativity;)