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Story Time

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Baby's First Books - On The Move
Submitted by: Christine Turner, Atascocita
• Infant • Toddler
Ring around a rosie by:Illustrated by Annie Kubler.
Classic words and pictures that follow the traditional song.
Bouncing babies by:Mike Brownlow
Describes what various babies do from morning until night.
Bouncing time by:Patricia Hubbell
An exuberant infant bounces through the day's activities, including a trip to the zoo.
Wow! Babies! by:Penny Gentieu
A collection of photographs displaying human babies in a wide range of moods and situations.
Up, Up, Up:
Here we go up, up, up,
Here we go down, down, down.
Here we go up, up, up,
Here we go down, down, down.
Rickety, Rickety Rocking Horse
Rickety, rickety, rocking horse,
Over the hills we go.
Rickety, rickety, rocking horse,
Giddy-up, giddy-up, whoa
Noble Duke of York:
Oh, the noble Duke of York,
He had ten thousand men.
He marched them up
To the top of the hill,
And marched them down again.
And when they?re up,
they?re up
And when they?re down, they?re down.
And when they?re only half way up,
They?re neither up or down.
Trot, Trot to Boston
Trot, trot to Boston.
Trot, trot to Lynn.
Look out baby,
You?re going to fall in!
I have provided several net sites that I feel are worth visiting. Remember, reading to your baby every day, is one of the most important things that you can do for your little one.

Brain Development -

Early Literacy -

Born to Read:
How to Raise a Reader -

Harris County Public Libraries provide free Lapsit programs designed for your infant's social and developmental needs. Look for or ask about an Infant Lapsit program at your local library.