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Story Time

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Awesome Alligators
Submitted by: Jennifer Schultz, Octavia Fields
• Pre-school
Snip Snap! : What's That? by:Bergman, Mara
This is one of my favorite read-alouds. Somehow-no one knows exactly how-an escaped alligator from a sewer creeps into the house of several children (apparently home alone). This is a great audience participation story! As the children hide in various places throughout their house, the narrator/reader asks, "Were the children scared?" The answer: "You bet they were!"

Finally, the kids have enough. You'll just have to read the story to find out what happens. A fun and funny story in which children take control of a "scary" situation.

The Lady With the Alligator Purse by:Hoberman, Mary Ann and Nadine Bernard Westcott
You know this song already. You jumped rope to it in elementary school or learned it in music class. Sure, it's not really politically correct anymore (real alligator skin purse, and Miss Lucy won't exactly win any awards for Mother of the Year), and it's not really *about* an alligator. But it's a fun book, and it's close enough to the theme. And despite what you may think of her ethics in fashion, the Lady With the Alligator Purse is pretty cool, despite what you may think of her fashion statements.

Unlike other songs that have been set in book form, this actually works as a book, since it's already a story (more or less). Illustrations are big, bright, and very funny. The book is very short.
Mama Don't Allow by:Hurd, Thacher
Poor Miles. His parents give him a saxophone, then complain about all the noise instead of being supportive. They make him take it outside, which just thrills the neighbors. He and his fellow musicians end up playing before some veeery appreciative alligators. A little too appreciative.

Some of the story is told in cartoon bubbles, so think about how you're going to present that. It's only a little part of this hilarious story.
A Frog in the Bog by:Wilson, Karma
Our main character is a frog, but the surprise involves an alligator. This is also a counting story (but more fun than basic counting books). This book calls for a lot of hamming, so don't disappoint your audience!
Egad, Alligator by:Ziefert, Harriet
To appease the pro-alligator lobby, round out your storytime with this book. Little Gator, like all little ones of all species, loves to go exploring. Unlike quite a few species, everyone says, "Egad Alligator!" Some folks are even meaner than that. However, Little Gator meets something that scares even him.
Alligators swimming in my soup (pretend to swim)
Alligators doing the loop-the-loop (hold arms out to side, spin)

Alligators in my hair (ruffle hair)
Alligators without a care (smile)
Alligators in the sun (point to sky)
Alligators having loads of fun (giggle)

Alligators in a balloon (point to sky)
Alligators flying to the moon (jump)
Alligator Pie
Alligator, alligator (open and close hands like an alligator?s mouth)
Alligator pie
If I don?t get some
I think I?m gonna cry (pretend to cry)

You can take away the grass (wiggle fingers like grass blowing)
Take away the sky (hands over head)
But don?t take away (shake head)
My alligator pie (open and close hands like an alligator?s mouth)
5 Little Monkeys
5 little monkeys (show 5) swinging from a tree (swing arms)

Teasing Mr. Alligator
"You can't catch me! You can't catch me!" (shake finger)

Along comes Mr. Alligator
Quiet as can be (palms together, pretend they are a swimming alligator)

And snaps that monkey out of the tree (snap palms together)

Continue until there are no more monkeys swinging from a tree.
Alligator, Alligator
(to the tune of Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Turn Around)

Alligator, alligator, turn around
Alligator, alligator, touch the ground
Alligator, alligator, dance on your toes
Alligator, alligator, touch your nose
Alligator, alligator, jump up now
Alligator, alligator, take a bow
Alligator, alligator, stomp your feet
Alligator, alligator, take your seat