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Story Time

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Under the Weather (Sick)
Submitted by: Claire Yabraian, Barbara Bush
• Pre-school
How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? by:Jane Yolen
Very cute story about what a young dinosaur should and should not do in order to get over being sick.
The Cow Buzzed by:Andrea Griffing Zimmerman
Farm animals give one another their cold, passing along their distinctive sounds along with the sneezes and sniffles and coughs. The sickness chain is broken by rabbit's good habit of covering his mouth when he sneezes. The book introduces the concept of germs and how they can spread when you don't cover your mouth or nose when you cough or sneeze. This book is super fun!
Where the Sidewalk Ends by:Shel Silverstein
Read the hilarious poem "Sick."
Mother, Mother, I Feel Sick, Send for the Doctor Quick, Quick, Quick by:Remy Charlip
An extraordinary stomachache is cured when a doctor removes a large number of strange objects from the victim's stomach. Includes instructions for performing the story as a shadow play.
I think --I am going to sneeze ..(ha chew!)
I think --I am going to sneeze ..(ha chew)
If you sneeze, pass the tissue please....
Ha Chew, Ha Chew, Ha Chew
I've got a cold (look all miserable and point to yourself)
My nose can't smell (point to your nose)
My eyes are red (point to both your eyes)
I don't feel well (hand on forehead like a headache)
So I'll drink my juice (pretend to drink glass of juice)
And go to bed. . . (fold hands under tilted head, close eyes)
My nose feels better (look happy and point to nose)
And so does my head! (look very happy and point to head)

*Say it as if you are sick ("I'b godd a code, my doze cadd smell" etc) during the first part and talk normally when you are "recovered."
Ending Song
You?re so great! Now please stand.
Give yourself a great big hand.
Clap the floor. Clap your hair.
Clap the ceiling. Clap the air.
Clap your elbows. Clap your feet.
Clap your pinkies and clap your seat.
Clap with flippers. Clap with claws.
Now a big round of applause.
Clap your neighbor. Don?t ask how.
And everybody, take a bow.
Give each child a piece of construction paper, a rectangular banner in a contrasting color that says: "I think I am going to sneeze!" and a small rectangle that says:
"If you are sick
And you must sneeze,
Kindly use your tissue

The child glues the banner across the top of the paper, and the rhyme along the side of the paper. The child then traces around one hand with a crayon or a marker, and glues a tissue to the center of the hand.