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Story Time

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Hungry Critters
Submitted by: Lynn Flanigan, Tomball
• Schoolage
Fox Tale Soup by:Tony Bonning
When none of the animals will share their food, Fox tricks them into contributing ingredients for his stone soup.
Sitting Down To Eat by:Bill Harley
A menagerie of animals interrupt a little boy ready to eat his snack. Each animal keeps insisting that there is room for one more. This is a fun cumulative story - especially mimicking the animals' voices.
No Dinner by:Jessica Souhami
Based on a popular folktale from India, a skinny old woman outwits some hungry critters ready to eat her.
The Seven Chinese Sisters by:Kathy Tucker
There are seven Chinese sisters with special talents. A hungry dragon snatches the baby sister. The other sisters use teamwork to rescue their baby sister in this humorous tale.
Bear Wants More by:Karma Wilson
After hibernating all winter, Bear emerges very hungry and thin in springtime. His friends help him find food. Each time Bear wants more until he gets so big that he may have to miss out on his own surprise party.
A Frog in the Bog by:Karma Wilson
This humorous story is about a frog who sits on a half-sunk log eating bugs, while growing bigger and bigger. An alligator puts a stop to the frog's eating feast.
The Alligator Chant
This fun song is found on the cd: Dr. Jean Sings Silly Songs.
The Cool Bear Hunt
Children will love this version of going on a bear hunt. It has a candy factory, peanut butter river and jell-o swamp to conquer. Dr. Jean Sings Silly Songs cd.

Hungry Critter Activity: Have the children make ice cream sundaes. Put out lots of ingredients and let them have fun making their own special treat.