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Story Time

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Father's Day
Submitted by: Christine Turner, Atascocita
• Pre-school
My dad the magnificent by:Kristy Parker
Although Buddy might exaggerate a bit in bragging about his magnificent father, the good times they share demonstrate that his father really is great.
Just me and my dad by: Mercer Mayer
Father and son go camping, but who is really taking care of whom?
What Daddy loves by:Jerry Smath
A little dog describes the things her father likes to do, and the things she likes to do with him.
Piggy and Dad go fishing by:David Martin
When his dad takes Piggy fishing for the first time and Piggy ends up feeling sorry for the worms and the fish, they decide to make some changes.
Froggy's day with Dad by:Jonathan London
Froggy and his dad celebrate Father's Day with a game of miniature golf, among other things.
What dads can't do by: by Douglas Wood
Describes how dads show love by explaining all the things that they cannot do, such as sleeping late, keeping their ties clean, and reading books by themselves.
The best father of all by:Peter Horn
A turtle father and son play a guessing game about what kind of father does certain things for his children, such as chirping encouragement as they learn to fly, or organizing a croaking concert.
A perfect Father's Day by: Eve Bunting
When four-year-old Susie treats her father to a series of special activities for Father's Day, they just happen to be all of her own favorite things.