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Story Time

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Submitted by: C Dye, Kingwood
• Toddler
Piggies by:Audrey Wood
Bright colourful pictures naming baby's "piggies."
How big is a Pig? by:Clare Beaton
Follow a trail of animal opposites to the biggest pig of all.
Louella Mae, She's Run Away by:Kate Beaumont Alarcon
A rhyming tale searching for Louella Mae, the family pig.
This Little Piggie Went to Market
This little piggie went to market (Pinch thumb)
This little piggie stayed home (pinch index)
This little piggie had roast beef (pinch middle finger)
This little piggie had none (Pinch ring finger)
This little piggie went wee wee wee all the way home
(Pinch little finger)
PIGGY (sung to Bingo)
Was a farmer who had a pig
And Piggy was her name-o
P-I-G-G-Y, P-I-G-G-Y, P-I-G-G-Y
And Piggy was her name-o
(Leave one letter off for each verse and substitute a clap)