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Story Time

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Picky Eaters
Submitted by: Jeanette Jett, Stratford
• Pre-school
Gregory, the Terrible Eater by:Mitchell Sharmat
Gregory loves to eat good fruits and vegetables but his parents are concerned he is not eating enough tin cans and tires, etc. Eventually he learns to strike a happy medium between junk food and good food.
Princess Picky by:Marjorie Priceman
Princess Nicky would not eat her vegetables no matter what the royal staff tempted her with. Finally she lets the wizard know what she really wants is to have long hair, see long distances, be tall and fly. The wizard comes up with the solution.
Oliver's Vegetables by:Vivian French
Oliver will eat nothing but french fried potatoes but when he goes to visit his grandparents they send him to their home garden to find the potatoes. Grandpa sends him to look for the potatoes but he must eat what he pulls up. He discovers all kinds of other vegetables while hunting for the potatoes and learns that they can be good, too.
The Sneezing Song by Jim Gill
If you feed me black eyed peas
You know what they will do
'Cause if you feed me black eyed peas
I'll have to sneeze AhAhAhhChoo!
(Add other foods and sneeze real loud)
Kids love it! Sneezing Song by Jim Gill
Plain sugar cookies
Can of plain icing.
M&M's or Skittles, Cinnamon Red Hots
Let the kids decorate the cookies using icing as 'glue'.
Slice up different veggies and use buttermilk dressing as a dip. It MIGHT work. ;)
FLANNEL BOARD The Snake That Sneezed
The little snake goes away from home with the advice from his parents not to bite off more than he can chew. He swallows several animals but when a little lady bug lands on his tongue...he sneezes all the animals out. He remembers the warning.