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Story Time

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Submitted by: Rosalinda, Jacinto City
• Pre-school • Schoolage • Bi-lingual
The manners book: what's right Ned? by:Behrens, June
Stuff bear Ned answers questions about the proper thing to do in social situations.
Monster Manners by:Roberts, Bethany
An assortment of monsters show good and bad manners.
Wave Goodbye by:Reid, Rob
Characters perform motor activities and exercise the entire body as they celebrate all the ways to wave goodbye.
El libro de los modales: Que es lo correcto, Teo? by:Behrens, June
Stuff bear Ned answers questions about the proper thing to do in social situations.
Terco como una mula by:Edwards, Pamela D
A rude mule learns that he has more fun when he uses good manners.
Naranja Dulce/Sweet Orange
Farewell song, for the first verse, children hold hands and walk around a child in the center of the circle. For second verse, the circle stops moving, and center child picks another for handshaking and a farewell hug. On the third verse, first child joins the circle, waving goodbye to the second child, who stays in the center. Continue this way, teaching good manners as children play.

Naranja dulce
Naranja dulce limon partido,dame un abraso que yo te pido.
Si fueran falsos mis juramentos, en otros tiempos se olvidaran.
Toca la marcha, mi pecho llora, adios senora, yo ya me voy.

Sweet Orange
Sweet honey orange, a slice of lemon, dear, if I could hug and could have you near.
Time to shake hands now, a hug for farewell, Adios amigo(a), I wish you well.
The march is playing I'll part tomorrow, Good-bye my dear friend, I leave with sorrow.
Adios Amigos/Goodbye Friends
Clap your hands! (clap hands.)
Stomp your feet! (stomp foot.)
Hay que decirle adios a mis amigos.(clap.)
Hay que decirle adios a mis amigos.(stomp.)
It is time to say good-bye, (clap.)
Es tiempo de decir adios. (stomp.)
Es tiempo de decir adios (clap.)
Hay que decirle adios a mis amigos. (stomp.)
Adios amigos! (wave hands.)