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Story Time

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Submitted by: Mary, Atascocita
• Schoolage
Library Lil by:Suzanne Williams
Library Lil turns the townsfolk of Chesterville from TV watchers to readers.
Beverly Billingsly Borrows a Book by:Alexander Stadler
Beverly Billingsly gets her first library card. But she forgets to return her book by its due date. Worry and sleeplessness ensues.
Stella Louella's Runaway Book by:Lisa Campbell Ernst
Stella Louella loses her library book. In her search, she gets several members of the town involved in this cumulative tale.
Bookmarks - I used foam bookmarks purchased through Oriental Trading that came with self-sticking foam shapes and letters. One could also make their own with foam sheets; and many craft stores now sell the tubs of self-sticking foam shapes.