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Story Time

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Science - Shadows
Submitted by: Christine Turner, Atascocita
• Pre-school
Alexander and the Dragon by:Katharine Holabird
A very small boy is afraid of the dark, especially when the shadow under his bed becomes a fierce dragon. He soon learns, however, that even dragons have their gentle side.
Bear Shadow by:Frank Asch
Bear tries everything he can think of the get rid of his shadow.
I have a Friend by: Keiko Narahashi
A small boy tells about his friend who lives with him, who follows him, who sometimes is very tall, but who disappears when the sun goes down--his shadow.
Shadows and Reflections by:Tana Hoban
Photographs without text feature shadows and reflections of various objects, animals, and people.
My Shadow by:Susan Winter
After Rosie spends a fun-filled day playing with her shadow, she is surprised when she wakes up the next morning and can't find it anywhere.
Science: Shadows

What are shadows? Play with lights and shadows, and make wonderful shadow puppets to explore the world of light and dark.

What makes a shadow? / by Clyde Robert Bulla
A simple explanation of how a shadow is formed.

Mother Mother I feel sick, send for the doctor, quick quick quick / Remy Charlip
An extraordinary stomachache is cured when a doctor removes a large number of strange objects from the victim's stomach.
Includes instructions for performing the story as a shadow play.

Make A Shadow Puppet Theater!