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Story Time

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Australian Animals
Submitted by: Debbie Peck, Katherine Tyra
• Pre-school
One Woolly Wombat by:Rod Trinca
Humorous illustrations depict fourteen Australian animals, introduced in rhyme, along with the numbers from one to fourteen.
Possum Magic by:Mem Fox
When Grandma Poss's magic turns Hush invisible, the two possums take a culinary tour of Australia to find the food that will make her visible once more.
Snap! by:Marcia Vaughan
Joey the kangaroo plays games with Twisker the bush mouse, Slider the snake, Prickler the echidna, Flatso the platypus, and Sly-tooth the crocodile.
Bilby Moon by:Margaret Spurling
As the moon changes phases, Little Bilby visits various animals to ask what is happening to it and why it is disappearing. Beautiful illustrations.
Biggest Frog in Australia by:Susan Roth
When a thirsty frog drinks up all the water in Australia, the other animals must think of a way to make him give it up.
Wombat Stew by:Marcia Vaughan
A dingo intent on making wombat stew receives cooking suggestions from the other animals, unaware that they are protecting their fellow creature.
Hunwick's Egg by:Pamela Lofts
When a wild storm sends a beautiful egg to Hunwick the bandicoot's burrow, he decides to give it a home and become its friend. (Includes beautiful illustrations of Australian flora as well.)
Diary of a Wombat by:Jackie French
In his diary, a wombat describes his life of eating, sleeping, and getting to know some new human neighbors.
Wombat Goes Walkabout by:Michael Morpurgo
While looking for his mother, Wombat meets many animals that are not impressed with his talent for digging and thinking, but when a fire approaches, they change their minds.
Joey by:Jack Kent
Joey, a young kangaroo, becomes bored playing alone in his mother's pouch and invites some friends over to play with him.
Kookaburra* sits in the old gum tree**,
Merry, merry king of the bush is he,
Laugh Kookaburra, laugh Kookaburra
Gay your life must be.
Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree,
Eating all the gumdrops he can see,
Stop Kookaburra, stop Kookaburra,
Leave some there for me.
Five little Kookaburras Sitting in a Tree
Five little kookaburras sitting in a tree,
Teasing Mr. Crocodile, you can't catch me, you can catch me....
Along comes Mr. Crocodile quiet as can be.......SNAP!
Four little kookaburras sitting in a tree...
Three little kookaburras sitting in a tree...
Two little kookaburras sitting in a tree...
One little kookaburras sitting in a tree...
No little kookaburras sitting in a tree.
It will be helpful to find pictures of various Australian animals and talk a litttle about them because most of these animals will be completely alien to your young audience.