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Story Time

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Pies, Cakes, & Books!
Submitted by: Victor Schill, Fairbanks
• Pre-school
All for Pie, Pie for All by:David Martin
Grandma Cat bakes an apple pie that is eaten by her cat family, the mice family, and the ant family living nearby. Everyone so enjoys the pie that they help Grandma Cat bake a blueberry pie which soon is eaten as well.
Thelonius Monster's Sky-High Fly Pie by:Judy Sierra
Written in rhyme, this is the story of a good-natured monster named Thelonius who invites his relatives and friends to share a new dessert--a pie made with flies. He captures thousands of flies, makes the crust, and sticks the flies to the crust. But, he has forgotten to bake the pie and just when everyone is about to share the pie, the flies take off and the pie flies into the air and out of reach. When the flies' feet become unstuck, the crust falls back down, is eaten by everyone and declared to be the most delicious pie they have tasted. Wonderfully silly fun.
Pie in the Sky by:Lois Ehlert
A father and child watch the cherry tree in their backyard, waiting until there are ripe cherries to bake in a pie which they eat, leaving one piece for the birds to eat. A recipe for cherry pie is included.
The Fairytale Cake by:Mark Sperring
A group of fairytale characters make and bake a cake, and then transport the cake to the home of a child having a birthday party.
"Eat!" cried Little Pig by:Jonathan London
After Little Pig says his first word,
"Eat!", he proceeds to eat various foods and makes quite a mess. Once his mother gets him settled down, Little Pig no longer makes a mess with his food, but starts to throw his toys instead. Delightful rhyming text and fun illustrations.
Winston the Book Wolf by:Marni McGee
Winston is a wolf who loves to eat books because he thinks words taste delicious and has a bad reputation at the local library for chewing up books. One day he is trapped in the library and helped by a girl to escape. In order to keep him from eating books but keep enjoying words,
she teaches him to read. After learning to read, Winston dresses up as a grandma and becomes the "StoryLady" at the library.
We're Going On a Pie Hunt
Adapt the familiar "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" but you will be going on a hunt to find a pie. Have several obstacles to surmount to get to the pie, but when you get there, you get to eat the pie rather than run away back home.
Coloring pages featuring pies, cakes, wolves, and books.