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Story Time

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Submitted by: David, LaPorte
• Toddler
My Friend Gorilla by:Atsuko Morozumi
A local zoo closes, so a father must bring home a gorilla to live with his family, until he can be transported back to Africa. The father?s son grows fond of the gorilla, and the ending becomes bitter-sweet. This is larger than the average picture book, with beautifully detailed illustrations.
One Gorilla: A Counting Story by:Atsuko Morozumi
This is a counting story with an unusual assortment of animals, like budgerigars and pandas. Each set includes one gorilla, so that in addition to introducing the numbers 1 through 10, this book can be used to show correct and incorrect gorilla habitats.
Good Night, Gorilla by:Peggy Rathmann
This is an amusing story, in which a zookeeper says goodnight to the animals, while one small gorilla (who has stolen his keys) lets all of the animals out behind him. It concludes with the zookeeper?s wife having to put things right, after waking to the sound of the animals replying to her having just said goodnight to her husband!
We Are Gorillas!
We?re not monkeys, if you please.
(Shake your head no.)

We?re not baboons or chimpanzees.
(Stick your thumbs in your ears and wave hands!)

We are gorillas, biggest of all.
(Point to yourself.)

Hear us make our loudest call!
(Drum chest and groan loudly!)

(It would be helpful to present pictures of monkeys, baboons, chimpanzees and gorillas at the beginning.)
5 Baby Gorilla Girls
Five baby gorilla girls
One named Priscilla
One named Pearl
One named Jane
One named Jan
And the last one?s named:
Clap Your Hands!

(Toddlers can touch each finger on one hand and then clap at the end.)
Since most toddlers will call any primate they see a monkey, this story-time can be used to introduce the concept of a gorilla, and expand their categorical understanding of the natural world.