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Story Time

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Go Texan Day
Submitted by: Christine Turner, Atascocita
• Schoolage
The toughest cowboy : or how the wild west was tamed by:John Frank
Shows how the toughest cowboys in the West were tamed by a dog named Foofy.
Cowboy Slim by:Julie Danneberg
Untalented at riding, roping, and cracking a whip, Slim the cowboy calms a stampeding herd of cattle with his poetry.
Cowboy camp by:Tammi Sauer
Although Avery cannot eat the right grub, is allergic to horses, and gets rope burns from lassos, he learns at camp that he is uniquely qualified in the most important cowboy quality.
Sixteen cows by:Lisa Wheeler
Rhyming tale of Cowboy Gene and Cowgirl Sue, whose beloved cows get mixed up when a storm blows down the fence between their ranches.
Bubba the cowboy prince : a fractured Texas tale by:Helen Ketteman
Loosely based on "Cinderella," this story is set is Texas, the fairy godmother is a cow, and the hero, named Bubba, is the stepson of a wicked rancher.
Jalapeno Hal by:Jo Harper
Rough and tough Jalapeno Hal finds a way to bring rain to a dry Texas town.
Phoebe Clappsaddle and the Tumbleweed Gang by:Melanie Chrismer
In far west Texas, Phoebe's upbringing as a southwestern belle who can also rope and ride equips her to square off against the meanest, dirtiest, and most ill-mannered cowpokes in the territory.
Phoebe Clappsaddle for sheriff by:Melanie Chrismer
After Phoebe welcomes the new schoolteacher, Miss Hornswaggle, and her bird to the Texas town of Buzzard, she finds she has to put the Tumbleweed Gang in line once again.
Calico, the wonder horse : or the saga of Stewy Stinker by:Virginia Lee Burton
The amazing horse Calico is responsible for capturing a gang of bad men, finding and rounding up the stolen cattle, and seeing that the Christmas party is a success, even for the outlaws.

Notes: First published in 1941 under title: Calico, the wonder horse; or, The saga of Stewy Slinker.

Note: Small Sized Book

Tin can shoot played with empty pop bottles and a squirt gun.
Place three cans on a bench and take turns with the water gun.

Pin the Tail on the Horse, the badge on the sheriff etc.

Have a rope tying contest with licorice or real ropes.

Galloping horse relay, with brooms and a challenge course.
Use bails of hay and saw horses for fun obstacles.
Boot Toss - use large cowboy boots and bean bags. The children will try to toss the bean bags into the boots. Or you can use a large cowboy hat.

Penny in a hay stack - hide pennies, small toy horses or other items
in a pile of hay...then kids will pile in to find them!

Horseshoes of course!