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Story Time

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Magical Stories
Submitted by: Christina Thompson, Freeman
• Pre-school
The Magic Rabbit by:Richard Jesse Watson
After a rabbit jumps out of a hat and performs some amazing magic tricks, he searches for someone to share things with.
Milo's Hat Trick by:Jon Agee
In the busy city, there are lots of people with hats. But there is only one guy with a bear in his hat. That's Milo the Magician.
The Magic Hat by:Mem Fox
A wizard's hat blows into town, changing people into different animals when it lands on their heads.
Five Magic Rabbits
Five magic rabbits in a tall black hat.
Along comes a magician who gives each one a pat.
He waves his magic wand high above their ears,
Abracadabra, poof!
One rabbit disappears.
(count down to one)

I use this as a flannelboard and have the children wave an imaginary magic wand and say Abracadabra with me.
Rabbit songs and fingerplays
There are several good bunny songs and fingerplays on the Texas State Library site.