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Story Time

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Native American Story Time
Submitted by: Bonnie Langan, Barbara Bush
• Toddler
Indian Two Feet and the ABC Moose Hunt by:Friskey, Margaret
A young Indian boy goes hunting for his first moose.
Indian Two Feet and his Eagle Feather by:Friskey, Margaret
A young Indian boy tries several ways to earn an eagle feather.
Indian Two Feet Rides Alone by:Friskey, Margaret
A young Indian boy searches for a salt lick so his people can have salt for their meat.
Rattlesnake Who Went to School by:Strete, Craig
On his first day of school, Crowboy pretends he is a rattlesnake, but then he meets a girl in his class how wants to be a rattlesnake, too.
I'm a Little Indian
Sung to I'm a little teapot

I'm a little Indian on the go
Here is my arrow, here is my bow
When I go a hunting, hear me shout
Bears and Buffalo better watch out.
Rita Jamison
Five Little Indians
5 little Indians running through a door (raise 5 fingers)
One fell down and then there were 4
(lower one finger)
Four little Indians climbing in a tree
One fell out and then there were 3
(lower one finger)
Three little Indians stewing a pot of stew
one went to play and then there were two
(lower another finger)
Two little Indians playing in the sun
one went inside and then there was one
(lower finger)
One little Indian left all alone
He went home and then there were none.
(lower finger and shake head)
Indian Paint: Crush blueberries or raspberries with wooden spoon. Add a few drops of vinegar to prevent mold from growing. Let the kids create Indian designs on paper with Indian paint and Q-tips.
Dreamweaver: paper plate with middle cut out. Punch holes around plate. Take yarn and weave in holes placing beads on the yarn and you pull the yarn through the holes. Take yarn and feathers and dangle them from the bottom.
Links: http://stepbystepcc.com/nativeamericans.html