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Story Time

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Native American Storytime 2
Submitted by: Bonnie Langan, Barbara Bush
• Pre-school
Boat Ride with Lillian Two Blossum by:Polacco, Patrica
A mysterious Indian woman takes William and Mabel on a strange boat ride and answers their questions about the wind, the rain and the changing nature of the sky.
Full Worm Moon by:Lemieux, Margo
An Algonguian family spends a cold night waiting to see the earthworms dance as they did in the ancient story about the Full Worm Moon.
Good Luck Cat by:Harjo, Joy
Because her good luck cat Woogie has already used up eight of his nine lives in narrow escapes from disaster, a Native American girl worries when he disappears.
Long Night Moon by:Rylant, Cynthia
Text and illustrations depict the varied seasonal full moons that change and assume personalities of their own throughout the year.
My Navajo Sister by:Schick, Eleanor
A white girl lives for a short time on an Indian reservation and forms a close bond with a navajo girl.
Mystery of Navajo Moon by:Green, Timothy
A young Navajo girl goes on a magical night ride upon a silvery steed.
On Mother's Lap by:Scott, Ann Herbert
A small Eskimo boy discovers that Mother's lap is a very special place with room for everyone.
The Seasons and Someone by:Kroll, Virginia
An Eskimo girl witnesses the changing of seasons in Alaska.
Under the Moon by:Sheldon, Don
After finding an arrowhead in her backyard, a young girl has a dream about the Indians who once lived in the same area.
The Call
Zha-wa i-ba i-ba e-he
Zha-wa i-be i-be ha e-he

(means To Rejoice! Come! I bid you.
Five Little Indians
5 little Indians running through a door (raise 5 fingers)
One fell down and then there was four
(lower one finger)
4 little Indians climbing a tree
One fell out and then there were three
(lower one finger)
3 little Indians stewing a pot of stew
One went to play and then there were 2
2 little Indians playing in the sun
One went inside and then there was one
1 little Indian left all alone.
He went home and then there was none.
(lower finger and shake head)
Take paper and make a template for a teepee. Take pipe cleaners and put them together to make the teepee frame. Decorate the teepee paper and place on the frame.
Take construction paper and roll to create a totem pole. (could use toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls also) Have them create their totem.