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Story Time

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Native American Storytime 3
Submitted by: Bonnie Langan, Barbara Bush
• Schoolage
A Walk to the Great Mystery by:Stroud, Virginia
While exploring the woods with their grandmother, a Cherokee medicine woman, two children learn about the spirit of life that is all around them and with in them as well.
Blue Roses by:Boyden, Linda
A Native American girl gardens with her grandfather, who helps to raise her, and learns about life and loss when he dies, and then he speaks to her from a dream where he is surrounded by blue roses.
Brave as a Mountain Lion by:Scott, Ann Herbert
Spider is afraid to get up on stage in front of everybody in the school spelling bee, but after listening to his father's advice, decides that he will try to be as his Shoshoni ancestors.
Dream Wolf by:Goble, Paul
When two Plains Indian children become lost, they are cared for and guided safely home by a friendly wolf.
Last Leaf First Snowflake to Fall by:Yerxz, Leo
An Indian parent and child move through the forest and over a pond as nature passes from fall to winter
Less than Half More than Whole by:Lccapa, Kathleen
A child how is only part Native American is troubled by his mixed racial heritage.
Moonstick by:Bunting, Eve
A young Dakota Indian boy describes the changes that come both in nature and in life of his people with each new moon of the Sioux year.
Muskrat will be Swimming by:Sarageau, Cheryl
A Native American girl's feelings are hurt when schoolmates make fun of the children who live at the lake, but then her grampa tells her a Seneca folktale that reminds her how much she appreciates her home and her place in the world.
My Grandmother's Cookie Jar by:Miller, Montzalee
Grandma passes on the stories of her Indian people to her grandchild as they eat cookies together from the cookie jar shaped like an Indian head.
Nessa's Story by:Luenn, Nancy
A young Iniut girl, who wishes she had something to contribute when the adults tell their stories in the gathering place, encounters the story of a lifetime when she finds a giant egg one day and is able to see what it hatches.
Sky Dogs by:Yolen, Jane
A young motherless boy is present when his people see horses for the first time and are changed forever.
The Buffalo Jump by:Roop, Peter
Angry and resentful that the honor of leading the buffalo stampede is given to his older brother, Little Blaze, the Blackfoot's fastest runner, must make a difficult decision when his brother's life is endangered.
The Great Change by:White Deer of Autumn
A Native American grandmother explains the meaning of death, of the Great Change, to her questioning granddaughter.
Indian Shoes by:Smith-Leitich, Cynthia
Together with grampa, Ray Halfmoon, a Seminole-Cherokee boy, finds creative and amusing solutions to life's challenges.
The Call
Zha-wa i-ba i-ba e-he
Zha-wa i-ba i-ba ha e-he
(To Rejoice! Come! I Bid you.)
Sand Painting - place sticky substance on a piece of paper and have the children drop sand in design by letting it slip through their fingers.
Totem poles - let the children work with clay to design their own totem poles.