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Story Time

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Submitted by: David, LaPorte
• Toddler
How Joe the Bear and Sam the Mouse Got Together by:Beatrice Schenk de Regniers
Joe the Bear and Sam the Mouse cannot find anything in common to do together, until they discover their mutual love for eating ice-cream at three in the afternoon.
Max Drives Away by:Rosemary Wells
Max wants ice-cream for breakfast, but Ruby will not indulge him, so Max drives away to his Grandma?s house, and his Grandma happens to have an unnecessary surplus of ice-cream!

(There is also a video version of this story on Springtime for Max and Ruby.)
Wemberly?s Ice-Cream Star by:Kevin Henkes
Wemberly receives an ice-cream star, but it is a hot day so it may drip on her dress. Wemberly?s bunny, Petal, does not have any ice-cream. Luckily Wemberly finds two bowls, which solves both problems!
The Ice-Cream Man (to the tune of The Muffin Man)
Oh do you know the Ice-Cream Man,
The Ice-Cream Man, the Ice-Cream Man,
Oh do you know the Ice-Cream Man,
Who brings us ice-cream treats?

Why yes I know the Ice-Cream Man,
The Ice-Cream Man, the Ice-Cream Man,
Why yes I know the Ice-Cream Man,
He?s coming down our street!
Too Many Scoops! (a counting chant)
1 scoop, 2 scoops, 3 scoops, 4
5 scoops, 6 scoops, 7 scoops, more
8 scoops, 9 scoops 10 scoops, wait
I think I?m going to have a tummy ache!

(Pretend to scoop ice-cream with one hand onto an imaginary cone held in the other hand. Then rub your stomach for the last line.)
(Max Drives Away and Wemberly?s Ice-Cream Star are both board books and may not be listed in the online catalog.)
One way to enhance the story-time is to introduce a hand puppet with a working mouth, and tell the children that he or she loves all kinds of ice-cream. The children can then hold out a pretend handful of ice-cream for the puppet, telling it what kind it is, and so the puppet gets excited and voraciously eats it from their hands!