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Story Time

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Submitted by: Libby Nelson, West University
• Pre-school
This year's garden by:Rylant, Cynthia
Follows the seasons in a garden.
Planting a rainbow by:Ehlert, Lois
A mother and child plant a rainbow of flowers in their garden.
Growing vegetable soup by:Ehlert, Lois
A father and child grow vegetables and make soup.
Pumpkin, pumpkin by:Titherington, Jeanne
A boy plants a pumpkin seed, watches it grow; then carves it into a jack-o-lantern.
One little seed by:Greenstein, Elaine
The life of a seed as it grows into a flower.
Stanley mows the lawn by:Frazier, Craig
Stanley alters his lawn mowing to acommodate a snake living in the grass.
Bumpety bump by:Hutchins, Pat
As a boy helps on a farm,a hen follows him during his chores.
Our Garden
[tune - Farmer in the dell]
We'll plant our garden seeds
We'll plant our garden seeds
Heigh ho, around we go
We'll plant our garden seeds.

The rain will water our seeds
The rain will water our seeds
Heigh ho, around we go
The rain will water our seeds.

Our seeds will grow so tall
Our seeds will grow so tall
Heigh ho, around we go
Our seeds will grow so tall.
I've planted my seeds
[tune - Rockabye Baby]
I've planted my seeds
All in a row.
I've watered them well
To make sure they'll grow.
High up above
The bright sun shines down
And soon tiny plants will poke through the ground.
My Garden
This is my garden. [Extend one hand forward, palm up.]
I'll rake it with care. [Make raking motion on palm.]
And then some flower seeds [planting motion]
I'll plant in there.
The sun will shine [make circle with arms%]
And the rain will fall. [fingers flutter down to lap]
And my garden will blossom [Cup hands together, extend upward slowly]
And grow straight and tall.
Plant pumpkin seeds [or other type.]
Use small paper cups or cut egg cartons into thirds [so each child gets 4 pockets.]
Scoop potting soil into cups or egg carton pockets, then push a seed down into the soil.