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Story Time

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Ducks and Bunnies
Submitted by: Christine Turner, Atascocita
• Toddler • Pre-school
Duckie's ducklings by:Frances Barry.
Duckie is ready to take the family for a swim. But where are her ducklings? Turn the shaped pages to find out!
Five little ducks : an old rhyme by:Pamela Paparone
When her five little ducks disappear one by one, Mother duck sets out to find them.
Mama's little duckling by:Marjorie Blain Parker
One day, Dandelion Duckling decides to explore--all by himself. Will Dandelion remember what Mama Quack taught him about danger before it's too late?
Bunny fun by:Sarah Weeks
A lively young rabbit finds many ways to have fun--and cause havoc--on a rainy day.
Guess how much I love you by:Sam McBratney
During a bedtime game, every time Little Nutbrown Hare demonstrates how much he loves his father, Big Nutbrown Hare gently shows him that the love is returned even more.
Bunny's noisy book by:Margaret Wise Brown
A little bunny listens to noises all around him and then makes some of his own.
The deep blue sky twinkles with stars by:Cyndy Szekeres
After a busy day, Mama and Papa Bunny prepare their little ones for bed with hot cocoa, baths, hugs, and plenty of love.
Thumper finds a friend by:Laura Driscoll
With a little help from his father, Thumper the rabbit learns how to make friends with a shy hedgehog while playing tag with his sisters.
Bunny bungalow by:Cynthia Rylant
A family of rabbits moves into a cozy bungalow which they decorate and make into a perfect bunny home.
Oops-a-Daisy! by:Claire Freedman
As little Daisy Rabbit struggles to learn how to hop, her mother points out other baby animals having trouble with their lessons until Daisy realizes that everyone needs practice when trying something new.
Hushabye Lily by:Claire Freedman
When baby rabbit Lily cannot sleep, the farmyard animals try to help her.
Five Little Bunnies Jumping on the Bed
Five little bunnies jumping on the bed, one fell off and hurt his little head.

Momma called the doctor and the doctor said, No more bunnies jumping on the bed!

Four little bunnies jumping on the bed, one fell off and hurt his little head.

Momma called the doctor and the doctor said, No more bunnies jumping on the bed!

Continue with rhyme until no more bunnies jumping on the bed.

*author unknown

(Sung to:Hokey Pokey)

You put your bunny ears in, (hands like bunny ears)

You put your bunny ears out,

You put your bunny ears in,

And you shake them all about.

You do the Bunny-Pokey,

And you hop yourself around.

That's what it's all about!

Additional verses: You put your bunny nose in; You put your bunny tail in; You put your bunny paws in. (As sing additional verses, point to nose, make tail with hands, hold hands like bunny paws)

*by Betty Silkunas Theme-a-Saurus, Compiled by Jean Warren, Warren Publishing House, Inc., 1989.
Rabbit Windsock Craft

white paint
tissue/crate paper (spring colors)
2 liter bottle with top and bottom cut off

Paint the part of the bottle you cut off which would be the middle. Let dry.

Glue on the eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

Staple the tissue/crate paper to the bottom.

Staple the string to the top and hang up.

DLTK's Crafts for Kids

I have chosen more books than you will need for one storytime. The items have been used for my Family Storytime and the children loved them. I hope that you enjoy them.