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Story Time

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Submitted by: Bonnie Langan, Barbara Bush
• Schoolage
How the Wind Plays by:Lipson, Michale
The wind, in the form of a mischievous child, indulges in such playful antics as shaking tree branches against windows and blowing snow inside.
While You Were Chasing a Hat by:Moore, Lilian
A small girl is walking and then sailing in a small boat with her father on a windy day when her hat blows away
Comes a Wind by:White, Linda Arms
While visiting their mother's ranch, two brothers who constantly try to best each other swap tall tales about big winds and are surprised by the fiercest wind they have ever seen.
It Is the Wind by:Wolff, Ferida
At night various sounds lull a child to sleep.
Can You See the Wind by:Fowler, Allan
A simple discussion of the wind, the causes of air movement and the used of wind power.
Gilberto and the Wind by:Ets, Marie Hall
When the wind blows, a little boy goes out to play.
The Turnaround Wind by:Lobel, Arnold
The reader turns the book upside down to see what happens when a fierce wind blows through a country town one afternoon, affecting many different people and animals out enjoying the summer air.
Peter and the North Wind by:Littledale, Freya
The North Wind's magical gifts to Peter, recompense for blowing away the flour needed to feed him and his poor mother, mysteriously lose their magic before Peter gets them home
The Wind Garden by:McAllister, Angela
On his rooftop, Ellie's grandfather needs a special kind of garden that the wind won't destroy.
Jack and the Whoopee Wind by:Calhoun, Mary
Mad at the wind for blowing everything away, Jack tries a succession of ways to stop it.
A Kite
Anonymous author

I often sit and wish
that I could be a kite
up in the sky
and ride upon the
breeze and go
wherever way I
chance to blow.
Whistling Wind
Author unknown
Tune: If you're happy and you know it

If you hear the whistling wind
cup your ears
If you hear the whistling wind
cup your ears
If you hear it in the trees
Making music with the leaves
If you hear the whistling wind
Cup your ears

If you feel the blustery wind
whirl around
If you feel the blustery wind
whirl around
If you feel it lift your hair
Like a kite up in the air
If you feel the blustery wind
Whirl around.
I like the Noisy Wind
Author unknown
Sung: Farmer in the Dell

I like the noisy wind
I like the noisy wind
It roars and muttes
(voice loud, voice soft)
and shakes the shutter
(shake hands Tambourine-style)

I like the noisy wind
I like the noisy wind
It flaps the flag
(flap your arms back and forth)
and rustles my bag
(rub hands together briskly)
I like the noisy wind.
The Playful Wind
Author unknown:
The wind came out to play one day
He swept the clouds out of his way
(make sweeping motion with hands)
He blew the leaves and away they flew
(make fluttering motions with fingers)
the trees bent low and their branches did too
(lift arms high and lower them)
The wind blew the great big ships at sea
The wind blew the kite away from me.
Where does the Wind Come From
(old scouting song)
Where does the wind come from
Does anybody know?
Where does the wind come from
Before it starts to blow?

On Saturday night
Where does it hang its hat?
Does anybody know
Where the wind is at?

Where does the wind come from
Does anybody know?
Take a paper bag (size of bag determines the size of windsock. Cut out the bottom. Hole punch holes on opposite sides of the bag. Pull yarn/string through holes so the windsock will hang in a tree or hook on the house. The children will decorate the bag with markers/crayons/paint.
Using the pinwheel die cut or pattern make a spinning pinwheel. Place the pinwheel on a straw or craft stick with a braid. The braid must be loose enough for the wind to move the pinwheel.
The books in this storytime are at a couple levels due to the age/time of year or number of attendants. It could be used for older children also.