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Story Time

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Open a Book to Adventure
Submitted by: Christine Turner, Atascocita
• Pre-school
Captain Bob takes flight by:Roni Schotter
A boy pretends to be on a flight mission while cleaning his room.
How I spent my summer vacation by:Mark Teague
A schoolboy tell his class about his summer vacation, during which he joined a group of cowboys and stopped a cattle stampede.
Mr. Katapat's incredible adventures by:Barroux
Each day, an ordinary man becomes a great adventurer when he goes to the library and reads about the Wild West, pirates, or a visit to the pyramids.
Noises at night by:Beth Raisner Glass
A child imagines that the noises he hears at night, from a dripping faucet to the whistle of the wind, are really the sounds of adventures in which he plays a sea captain, a policeman, and various other characters.
I love going through this book by:Robert Burleigh
For one reader, going through a book is an incredible adventure
Advanced - Print Making

This project require the use of brayers, and I am aware that this is not something that most of us have. However, I feel that this is a worth while project and the children adore working with paint in this fashion.