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Story Time

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Submitted by: Libby Nelson, West University
• Pre-school
My first camping trip by:Allen, Julia
Twelve days of summer by:Andrews, Jan
Morning beach by:Baker, Leslie
Let's go camping with Mr. Sillypants by:Brown, M.K.
Arnie goes to camp by:Carlson, Nancy
One hot summer day by:Crews, Nina
A summer day by:Florian, Douglas
Lucy's summer by:Hall, Donald
Here we go, Harry by:Lewis, Kim
P.J. Funnybunny camps out by:Sadler, Marilyn
Ten flashing fireflies by:Sturges, Philemon
The summer night by:Zolotow, Charlotte
Day Camp
[tune: Oh Susanna]
I scrubbed the night before I left
My hair was nice and clean.
My mother was so proud of me
But not for long you see.

While hiking out at day camp
I found the perfect pet
But I had to leave my friend behind
because he scared the vet.

Going to day camp
So don't you cry for me.
I'll come back good and dirty
So you'll never know it's me.
Summer Sun
[tune: London Bridge]
Summer sun is shining down,
shining down, shining down.
Summer sun is shining down,
down on me.

Time to put the sunscreen on
sunscreen on, sunscreen on.
Time to put the sunscreen on,
All over me.