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Story Time

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Bear Hug
Submitted by: Christine Turner, Atascocita
• Pre-school
Count the ways, Little Brown Bear by:Jonathan London
From suppertime all the way till bedtime, Little Brown Bear wants to know how much his mother loves him. She loves him more than he loves to gobble one sweet berry pie, more than he loves to read six books, even more than he loves getting nine good-night kisses! But that's not enough for a little bear who isn't quite ready to go to bed. Finally, Mama Brown Bear comes up with the best example of all- one that helps Little Brown Bear count himself to sleep.
Bear of my heart by:Joanne Ryder
A mama bear tells her baby how she will always love him.
Don't forget I love you by:Miriam Moss
After spending too much time playing with his favorite toy, Billy and his mother are very late for nursery school and his mother forgets some crucial things as she rushes to work.
Anything for you by:John Wallace
Little Charlie the bear cub says he would do anything for his mother and proves it to her when bedtime arrives.
The most precious thing by:Gill Lewis
Little Bear and Mummy Bear explore the many wonders in the forest, and with each find, Mummy Bear assures Little Bear that there is still one thing that is more precious than all the others.
I love you with all my heart by:Noris Kern.
Polo the polar bear asks his mother how she loves him, and she explains that she loves him with her eyes, her nose, her paws, and all her heart.
Will you still love me? by:Jean-Baptiste Baronian
Polo parents are acting strangely and he thinks they must not love him any more, but then he learns that he will soon become a big brother

Note: This craft is suggested for older Pre-School children.