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Story Time

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Music / band
Submitted by: Libby, West University
• Pre-school
Song and dance man by:Ackerman, Karen
Bing: Make Music by:Dewan, Ted
Olivia forms a band by:Falconer, Ian
Violet's music by:Johnson, Angela
Froggy plays in the band by:London, Johnathon
Shoo fly! by:Trapani, Iza
Happy hedgehog band by:Waddell, Martin
Can you clap?
[tune: Do your ears hang low?]

Can you clap your hands?
Can you clap them real loud?
Can you clap them in the air?
Can you clap them on the ground?
Can you clap them over your head?
Or when you’re in your bed?
Can you clap your hands?