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Story Time

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Submitted by: Akhila Bhat, Barbara Bush
• Pre-school
That Pesky Dragon by:Julie Sykes
A little girl and her family can hear a dragon roar far away on the top of the hill and are fearful to approach it. But the dragon was just crying out for help.
The Paper bag princess by:Robert Munsch
A very clever princess deals with a dragon and a foolish prince.
Who wants a Dragon? by:James Mayhew
A baby dragon, looking for someone to love and cuddle him, finally encounters his mother.
Puff the Magic Dragon by:Peter Yarrow, Lenny Lipton
Baby fire dragon song
I am bringing home a baby fire dragon
Won’t mommy be so proud of me

Ooch!!! It bit me !!!

I am stomping on a baby fire dragon
Won’t mommy be so proud of me

Ooch!!! it burnt me!!!

I am running away from a baby fire dragon
Now my mommy won’t be so mad at me!!!
Dragon Hokey Pokey
Put your dragon feet in..
Put your dragon wings in...
Put your dragon tail in...
Put your dragon head in...
Put your dragon self in...
3-D dragon head band. I traced a dragon head, glued some yellow spikes on its head, glued big yellow eyes on both sides, and glued a red tongue. Then I stapled the neck part of the dragon to the head band so that the dragon head sticks out on the front.