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Story Time

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I can tie my shoes
Submitted by: Sunni, Barbara Bush
• Pre-school
Look! I Can Tie My Shoes! by:Susan Hood
A little girl learns to tie her shoes
Alison McGhee by:Countdown to Kindergarten
What's a kindergartner to do if they don't know how to tie their own shoes?
The More We Read Together
The More we read together, together, together, the more we read together, the happier we'll be.
Cause' your books are my books and my books are your books, the more we read together, the happier we'll be!
Hokey Pokey
we used the traditional lyrics for this one
Practice tying your shoelaces. Have the kids trace their foot on a piece of posterboard or something similar that is sturdy. Punch holes on each side like the holes in shoes. Decorate shoe and start practicing your lacing and tyeing skills!!