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Story Time

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Butterflies and Moths
Submitted by: David, LaPorte
• Toddler
Butterfly, Butterfly by:Petr Horek
Lucy follows a butterfly around, but the next day it is gone. While searching for her butterfly she finds lots of other colorful creatures. Finally her butterfly appears high in the sky!
(The butterfly is a large pop-up at the end of the book. This is also a good book for learning a few basic colors)
Look Out, Bird! by:Marilyn Janovitz
Moth distracts snail, perpetuating a cyclical pattern of accidents involving salamander, beaver and several other hapless bystanders!
(This book would work well as a felt or magnet board story too)
You spin a cocoon
(Spin in a circle)
Then you wait inside
(Crouch down low and cover face)
And when you come out
(Link thumbs, still covering face)
Youre a butterfly!
(Lift hands fluttering into the atmosphere!)
A Moth Ate Holes in My Socks
A moth ate holes in my socks
(Touch feet)
A moth ate holes in my hat
(Touch head)
A moth ate holes in my P.J.s and now Im really mad!
(Dance around shaking fists)
(Try doing this several times, each time faster)
You can give a brief explanation of the difference between a moth and a butterfly before you begin your story-time or just show a picture of each.