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Story Time

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Submitted by: Leslie, Freeman
• Pre-school
The Wild Little Horse by:Gray, Rita
Little Horse is small, but he has a big adventure by the sea near his home. His parents are never far away and Little Horse is confident to play and wander by himself. The story is told in rhyme, the meter aiding in the telling of his story: beginning slowly, then quickening as Little Horse begins his wild adventure, and slowing down as he makes his way back home.
This story is good for preschoolers as the young horse's adventure is non-threatening: his parents are never far away, he is not far from home, and returns safely home at the end of the story.
We Go In A Circle by:Anderson, Peggy Perry
Racehorses who get hurt aren't necessarily put down. In this story a former racehorse becomes a therapy horse. The story is told from the horse's perspective. It is told simply and illustrates that these horses are still vital even though they no longer function as competitors, but as helpers. It addreses the concept of "change of purpose" for preschoolers: introducing them to an animal they may be familiar with shown in a different working capacity.
Let's RIde!
For this activity I used the book by Flora McDonnell Giddy-up! Let's Ride!
I had the children use one of the stuffed animals we have here (or their own, if they brought their special friend with them) as their rider. This book is an extended version of The nursery rhyme, "This is the way the Lady Rides," where the rider walks, trots, canters and gallops on their knees. This book, and the nursery rhyme may be used for this activity. If the children enjoy these, the following rhyme, which my father used to use, may be said.

Horsie, Horsie carry me,
From the forest to the sea.
When my little horsie stops,
He lets his little rider ... (big pause),
DROP! (the stuffed animal drops toward the floor as the child holds it by is arms, or legs, or ears...etc.)
Paper Stuffed Animal
I printed out the horse coloring page from
http://homeschooling.about.com/od/langearlyread/ssletterhcolor_8.htm as it is, and the image reversed. Crayons are provided and the children color both copies (right and left facing) of the coloring page. Then a small amount of batting (or cotton balls)is placed in the center, and the 2 pages are glued together with a glue stick, then stapled on the dark outline (by the presenter or parents). The horse may then be cut out outside the line of staples.
I began this story time by asking if the children knew different types of jobs horses did. Then I asked them if they knew about trained and wild horses, what types of hoses they had seen, and had they ever ridden a horse?
I began with The Wild Little Horse by Rita Gray, followed by We go in a Circle by Peggy Perry Anderson. After the 2 stories we did the activity using the book Giddy-up! Let's Ride by Flora McDonnell, and the nursery rhymes. The craft was done at the end of the program.