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Story Time

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Hispanic Heritage Month
Submitted by: Dileyda I. Martinez, Freeman
• Pre-school
Amelia's Show-and-Tell Fiesta = Amelia y La Fiesta de by:Mimi Chapra and Martha Aviles
When Amelia wears a dress for show and tell, she is embarrassed because she didn't understand the concept of show and tell. Her teacher helps her and the book has a happy ending. The book is written in English and Spanish.
Pinata! by:Rebecca Emberley
Playful text in both English and Spanish compliment this book that describes the items that traditionally are in a pinata.
Isabel and the Hungry Coyote = Isabel y El Coyote Hambriento by:Keith Polette
A retelling of the classic "Little Red Riding Hood," but this story includes fiery tamales and chili sauce!
Growing Up With Tamales = Los Tamales de Ana by:Gwendolyn Zepeda
Six-year-old Ana looks forward to growing older and being allowed more responsibility in making tamales for the family.
Just A Minute, A Trickster Tale and Counting Book by:Yuyi Morales
In this version of a traditional tale, Senor Calavera arrives at Grandma Beetle's door, ready to take her to the next life, but after helping her count, in English and Spanish, as she makes her birthday preparations, he changes his mind.
The Empanadas That Abuela Made = Las Empanadas Que Hacía La Abuela by:Diane Gonzales Bertrand
Told in the style of a cumulative folk song, a grandmother makes empanadas, a traditional Hispanic treat, for her family.
What can you do with a rebozo? = ¿Que puedes hacer con un rebozo? by:Carmen Tafolla
A spunky young girl explains the many uses of her mother's red rebozo, a traditional Mexican woven shawl.
5 Tamales
Five tamales sizzling in a pan (5 fingers up)
One went POP (clap)
and then it went BAM (slap knees)!

Four tamales sizzling in a pan...

10 Maracas
1 little, 2 little, 3 maracas, 4 little , 5 little, 6 maracas, 7 little, 8 little, 9 maracas. 10 maracas making lots of noise!
De Colores by Susan Pena
Red is rojo, green is verde, blue azul, negro black, yellow amarillo, purple is morado, grey is gris, brown cafe.
We made maracas from toilet paper rolls. First, we covered one the ends with masking tape and then added some rice. We then proceeded to cover the other end. Last, we covered the roll with construction paper (glued on).
The counting song can be about anything...
tamales...tasting very good!
empanadas...that are good to eat!