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Story Time

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Submitted by: Tina Russell, Parker Williams
• Pre-school
Monkey Soup by:Louis Sachar
A little girl creates her own soup to make Daddy feel better.
Achoo! by:Christine Taylor-Butler
A little girl with a cold spends the day in bed counting the different things she does.
Barnyard Song by:Rhonda Gowler Greene
The sounds of the barnyard change as the animals get sick.
Farm Flu by:Teresa Bateman
A little boy knows just what to do as the animals on his farm come down with the flu.
Wash Your Hands
Original author unknown
Sung to: “Row, Row Your Boat”

Wash, wash, wash your hands,
Wash them every day!
Scrub and rub and scrub and rub,
Wash those germs away.
I've Got a Cold
I've got a cold (look all miserable and point to yourself)
My nose can't smell (point to your nose)
My eyes are red (point to both your eyes)
I don't feel well (hand on forehead like a headache)
So I'll drink my juice (pretend to drink glass of juice)
And go to bed. . . (fold hands under tilted head, close eyes)
My nose feels better (look happy and point to nose)
And so does my head! (look very happy and point to head)

Say it as if you are sick ("I'b godd a code, my doze cadd smell" etc) during the first part and talk
normally when you are "recovered."

From the 2008 Kansas Reads to Preschoolers about...Health!
Cover that Sneeze Please!
Materials Needed:
Enough paper plates for each child (OR head-shaped paper cut-outs)
Colored paper- various colors
Markers or crayons
Facial Tissue

1. Trace around each child’s hand and a small portion of their wrist and arm on the
paper color of their choice. Cut out.
2. Draw a face on the paper plate.
3. Glue the arm end of the hand onto the backside of the face.
4. Fold the hand so it “wraps” around to the front of the face.
5. Glue the tissue to the hand.

From the 2008 Kansas Reads to Preschoolers about...Health!