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Story Time

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Submitted by: Debbie Hudson, Barbara Bush
• Pre-school
Curious George goes camping by:Margret Rey, H.A. Rey
Curious George gets into mischief while camping but is able to redeem himself in an emergency.
Fred and Ted go camping by:Peter Eastman
Even though they do things very differently, friends Fred and Ted enjoy going camping together in the woods.
Zigby camps out by:Brian Paterson
When Zigby the zebra receives a new tent, he and his friends Bertie Bird and McMeer go camping in the deepest jungle.
Lucille camps in by:Kathryn Lasky, Marylin Hafner
When Lucille is upset that she can not go camping with her father and older siblings, she and her mother decide to go camping inside the house.
Maisy goes camping by:Lucy Cousins
Maisy the mouse and her friends spend a night camping under the stars.
Bear hug by:Laurence P. Pringle, Kate Salley Palmer, Randall S. Wells
"Whoopee! Jesse and Becky are going camping with Dad. They've never done this before, so they're excited- -but a little scared, too.
When Daddy took us camping by:Julie Brillhart
A brother and sister share an exciting night camping with their father.
Just me and my dad by:Mercer Mayer
Father and son go camping, but who is really taking care of whom?
Ten Little Marshmallows
1 little, 2 little, 3 little marshmallows
4 little, 5 little, 6 little marshmallows,
7 little 8 little 9 little marshmallows,
10 marshmallows in my mouth.
A Camping We Will Go
(tune of The Farmer in the Dell)
A camping we will go,
A camping we will go,
Hi-Ho, it's off to the woods,
A camping we will go.
We Love Camping
(tune of London Bridges)
We love camping, yes we do,
Yes we do, Yes we do,
We love camping, yes we do,
Camping's fun!

We will pack our sleeping bags,
sleeping bags, sleeping bags,
We will pack our sleeping bags
We love camping.

(You can ad various verses such as "we will bring our marshmallow..., fishing pole etc.
Camping Song
(tune of Where is Thumbkin)
Let's go camping, let's go camping
Pack the tent, pack the tent,
We will all go hiking,
We will all go swimming,
We'll have fun!
We'll have fun!
This is the way...
This is the way we hike in the woods, hike in the woods, hike in the woods,
this is the way we hike in the woods -when we go camping. (Hike in place)

- Fish in the stream
- Roast our marshmallows
- set up the tent,,, etc.
I took mini marshmallows, put them on the end of pretzel sticks and then we roasted them over our fake fire of logs.

We set on a big tarp with a "fire" of logs in the center. (like a story around the campfire)

You could set up a tent with blankets over the tables.