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Story Time

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My Friend the Monster
Submitted by: Christine Turner, Atascocita
• Toddler • Pre-school
Monster Hug! by: David Ezra Stein
Two rambunctious young monsters have an action-packed day together.
Monster Mess! by:Margery Cuyler
A monster sneaks into a boy's room and cleans up while the boy is asleep.
Bump in the Night by:Edward Hemingway
After Billy goes to bed one night he hears a scary noise, which, upon investigation turns out to be nothing but a sweet little monster named Bump.
Go to bed, Monster! by:Natasha Wing
Trying to avoid bedtime, Lucy uses her imagination and some crayons to draw a monster to play with.
Leonardo, the Terrible Monster by:Mo Willems.
Leonardo is a terrible monster -- he can't seem to frighten anyone. When he discovers the perfect nervous little boy, will he scare the lunch out of him? Or will he think of something better?
Sally and the Some-Thing by:George O'Connor.
One boring day, Sally goes down to the pond where she meets a new friend who is really something.
Sophie and the next-door Monsters by:Chris Case.
When new neighbors move in next door to Sophie, she is startled, and afraid to discover that they are monsters.
There's a Nightmare in my Closet by:Mercer Mayer.
At bedtime a boy confronts the nightmare in his closet and finds him not so terrifying after all.

Notes: Sequel: There's an alligator under my bed.

Monster Man
I am the monster man!
(Point to self)

I wave my arms! I roll my eyes!
(Suit actions to words)

I shake my head! I gnash my teeth!

I jump up high! I say "Boo!"

I sit down very quietly, too!

Five Scary Monsters
(Count off on fingers)

Five scary monsters howling out a roar,

One ran away, and then there were four.

Four scary monsters hiding in a tree,

One fell out, and then there were three.

Three scary monsters eating spider stew,

One got sick, and then there were two.

Two scary monsters having lots of fun,

One ran off, and then there was one.

One scary monster, afraid to be a hero,

He ran away, and then there were zero.

Cereal Box Monster