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Story Time

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Submitted by: Christine Turner, Atascocita
• Schoolage
Too Much Talk by:Angela Shelf Medearis
A retelling of a traditional West African tale about a king who refuses to believe that yams, fish, and cloth can talk until his throne agrees with him.

West African
Anansi and the Box of Stories : a West African Folktale by:Stephen Krensky
Long ago in Africa, the sky god Nyame keeps all of the stories to himself, but when Anansi the spider asks their price, Nyame agrees to trade his stories if Anansi can perform four seemingly impossible tasks.
Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters : an African Tale by:John Steptoe
Mufaro's two beautiful daughters, one bad-tempered, one kind and sweet, go before the king, who is choosing a wife.
Chinye : a West African Folk Tale by:Obi Onyefulu
Chinye lives with her cruel stepmother and lazy stepsister, but her life changes for the better when a mysterious old woman in the forest directs her to a magic gourd.
How the guinea fowl got her spots : a Swahili tale of Friendship by: Barbara Knutson
A folk explanation for the guinea fowl's protective coloration that enables it to hide from its natural predator, the lion.
Why mosquitoes buzz in people's ears : a West African Tale by:Verna Aardema
Reveals the meaning of the mosquito's buzz.
The Hunter and the Ebony Tree by: Nelda LaTeef.
A hunter asks his friends to help him win the hand of a beautiful girl who seeks a husband who is special, but whose father has set a near-impossible task to ensure that she will marry a strong man.
Jamari's Drum by: Eboni Bynum
Note: A glossary of Swahili words is appended, but it is limited.
The Leopard's Drum: an Asante Tale from West Africa by:Jessica Souhami
Osebo the leopard has a magnificent drum that he won't share with anyone else, so Nayme, the Sky-God, offers a reward to the animal who will bring him the drum.
The Lonely Lioness and the Ostrich Chicks : a Masai Tale by:Verna Aardema
In this retelling of a Masai tale, a mongoose helps an ostrich get her chicks back from the lonely lioness who has stolen them.
Why the Sun and the Moon live in the Sky; an African Folktale by:Blair Lent.
An African folktale tells how the sun and water once lived on earth as friends, but because the sun failed to build his house large enough, he and his wife, the moon, were driven into the sky when the water came to visit them.
Mabela the Clever by:Margaret Read MacDonald
An African folktale about a mouse who pays close attention to her surroundings and avoids being tricked by the cat.
A Story, a Story : an African Tale by:Gail E. Haley.
Recounts how most African folk tales came to be called "Spider Stories."
The perfect Orange : a Tale from Ethiopia by:Xiao Jun Li.
Author's notes and glossary of terms included.
The Spider Weaver : a Legend of Kente by:Margaret Musgrove
In this retelling of a tale from Ghana, a wondrous spider shows two Ashanti weavers how to make intricate, colorful patterns in the cloth that they weave.
The Lion is no Longer King by:In Koli Bofane
Is the lion the King of beasts?
Make a spider
Picture books are not just for little kids, they are great for elementary school children as well.

I have provided a long list of books, so you may choose the items that you would like for your needs.