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Story Time

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Submitted by: Diamantina Barrera, Freeman
• Schoolage
Flip and Flop by:Dawn Apperley
I like it when by:Mary Murphy
Penguin Pete by:Marcus Pfister
Making Penguins out of Oreos, Candy Corn, and Hershey's Kisses.
1. Take Oreo and separate cookies put the half with icing on your plate.
2. Take the other bare cookie and break it in half. Leave off to side of plate.
3. Unwrap one Hershey's Kiss and place it on top of icing near the edge of cookie.
4. take two pieces of Candy Corn and place them on the icing opposite of Hershey's Kiss.
*The Kiss is the Penguin's head with beak and the Candy Corn are the feet.
5. Place one half of the broken cookie on the icing below and to the right of the head and the other on the icing below and to the left of the head.
*The broken halves are the wings.
Now you should have a cute and VERY sweet Penguin :)