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Story Time

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Submitted by: Anne Neidinger, Tomball
• Pre-school
Little Apple Goat by:Caroline Church
Little Apple Goat is ordinary, except for her unusual eating habits—a love of apples, cherries and pears. “Plippity plip!” she says as she spit pits and seeds over the hedge. A storm destroys the farm animals’ orchard, but Little Apple Goat’s love of her fruit has helped plant a new orchard for everyone.
Oh, look! by:Patricia Polacco
Oh, look! mimics the classic chant, “Goin’ on a Bear Hunt,” but through the eyes of three goats who escape through their unlocked gate, “squeak, squeak, squeak.” The goats, with their owners in tow, cross a bridge, climb a hill, swim in water, and more until they reach a fair. There, they look behind a mirror where something scares them all the way to their safe pen back home!
There's a Billy Goat in the Garden by:Laurel Dee Gugler
This book, based on a Puerto Rican folk tale, tells the story of a billy goat causing a mess in a garden, and who “will NOT come out.” Animals, including a rooster, dog, pig, and larger critters try and try to make him leave. But, he “will NOT come out” until a small buzzing bee helps.
Bill Grogan's Goat
(An echo song/chant)
There was a man
(There was a man)
Now please take note
(Now please take note)
There was a man
(There was a man)
Who had a goat
(Who had a goat)

He loved that goat
(He loved that goat)
Indeed he did
(Indeed he did)
He loved that goat
(He loved that goat)
Just like a kid
(Just like a kid)

One day that goat
(One day that goat)
Felt frisk and fine
(Felt frisk and fine)
Ate three red shirts
(Ate three red shirts)
Right off the line
(Right off the line)

The man, he grabbed
(The man, he grabbed)
Him by the back
(Him by the back)
And tied him to
(And tied him to)
A railroad track
(A railroad track)

Now, when that train
(Now, when that train)
Drove into sight
(Drove into sight)
That goat grew pale
(That goat grew pale)
And green with fright
(And green with fright)

He heaved a sigh
(He heaved a sigh)
As if in pain
(As if in pain)
Coughed up those shirts
(Coughed up those shirts)
And flagged the train!
(And flagged the train!)
Windy the Goat Windsock
Kansas City Kansas Public Library