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Story Time

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Submitted by: Mandy, LaPorte
• Infant • Toddler
How Many Cats? by:Lauren Thompson
A house fills with cats while the owner is away from one to twenty. They then leave in groups until only the one is left again.
Counting Crocodiles by:Judy Sierra
A clever monkey counts his way to his bananas despite a sea of crocodiles. This book has a great sing-song rhyming quality to it while counting up to ten and back to one.
Ten Sleepy Sheep by:Phyllis Root
A poetic counting down of ten sheep as they try to fall asleep.
One I Love You
(To the tune of One Potatoe, Two Potatoe - While counting on your fingers)

One I Love You
Two I Love You
Three I Love You So!
Four I Love You
Five I Love You
Rock you to and fro!
Six I Love You
Seven I Love You
Eight You Love Me too...
Nine I Love You
Ten I Love You
My Bouncing Buckaroo!
Bubble Song
(Blow bubbles before or during the song)

(To the tune of 10 Little Indians -While counting on you fingers)

One Little,
Two Little,
Three Little Bubbles,
Four Little,
Five Little,
Six Little Bubbles,
Seven Little,
Eight Little,
Nine Little Bubbles,
Ten Little Bubbles in the air.

(Additional verse can be included -Pop bubbles with your fingers!)
Let's Pop, Pop, Pop those bubbles,
Pop, Pop, Pop those bubbles, %
Pop, Pop, Pop those bubbles,
Pop them everywhere!