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Story Time

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Submitted by: Deborah Prieto, North Channel
• Toddler • Pre-school
The First Snowfall by:Anne & Harlow Rockwell
This book describes a first experience with snowfall. How the snow falls all night and then there is fun to be had the next day.
Oliver and Amanda and the Big Snow by:Jean Van Leeuwen
Oliver pig and his little sister Amanda have lots of fun in the snow. They build a snow fort,go sleding,and make snow creatures.
Winter Woes by:Marty Kelley
A boy gets out of bed and bundles himself from head to toe to prepare for a cold snowy day. Then he starts to wonder if he will be warm enough. He worries what might happen if he gets cold or wet or what many other things can happen.
A Snowy Day by:Ezra Jack Keats
This is a simple story of a boy waking up only to discover that snow has fallen all night. The little boy has fun experimenting with footprints, knocking snow off trees, snow angels, and trying to save a snowball for the next day.
Snowflakes, Snowflakes
Dance around
Snowflakes, Snowflakes
Touch the ground
Snowflakes, Snowflakes
In the Air
Snowflake, Snowflakes
Snowflakes Falling Down
Snowflakes falling down,
Falling to the ground.
Big, white fluffy flakes
That do not make a sound.
Craft: Paper Plate Snowman
Dora's Christmas Cd